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YES, I know this has nothing to do with painting in Art and Craft Ideas, but I am up to my elbows in plums right now, and I think you will love this idea anyway.I have a plum tree in my garden that produces 100’s and 100’s of large black juicy plums each year and I need to make use of them as best I can … apart from giving bag loads away. So apart from the usual which I cook, plum crumble, plum tart, plum chutney, plum jam etc … this is by far our favourite and I thoughtI would share it with you.

Just wait till the cold of December, January, February comes around and Summer seem far away. What a delicious treat for dessert ‘with the taste of Summer’ … to remind you of those lazy hot Summer days.

Well here it is : I cook as many plums as I can get into a large saucepan after washing them well, removing the stones and cutting them in half. I add just enough water to cook them (too much and the end result is too thin), sugar to our taste , I dont’t know how much, if not sweet enough then a little more can always be added as it cools.

The plums are bought to the boil and them simmered till nice and thick and squiggy, taken off the heat and left to cool down, then with my ‘Mouli Blender’ I blend the whole lot till it makes a nice smooth thick sauce consistency (note: just cooking/stewing them is not enough, it must be blended to make this thick, dark, delicious sauce) Once completely cooled down, poured into containers, lidded  dated and packed into my freezer.

When it comes to time to serve, I let a container thaw out at room temperature. and here are a few serving suggestions for this sauce – 1. Served in individual dishes, spooned over yogurt or vanilla ice cream with a wafer for decoration. 2. lovely as a topping for homemade cheesecake. 3. spooned over freshly sliced peaches and served with cream or ice cream 4. As a starter, this sauce spooned over Sesame coated, deep fried Brie,  with some thin wedges of toast.

P.S. Any type of plums could be used I am sure, but I have to admit I have only used my own….Let me know what you think … after you have tried it NEXT YEAR, that’s if you have any left by then ha ha ha lol 🙂

SPECIAL NOTE: It is best if children be kept well out of the kitchen whilst this is cooking – preferably out of the kitchen, it reaches a very hot temperature and should be watched over at all times, and handled with care.

Bon Apetite


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