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Hi, more ideas on art and craft ideas – PAINTING PEBBLES


Apart from nice plump rounded pebbles for cottages – also look around for ‘odd shaped rocks’ –  square, oblong etc which would make a house a church, a farmhouse barn …

What are the houses like where you live. what are the houses like that you have seen on your travels and have photographed? Look in magazines for property ideas.

I have shown a few examples here, bet YOU can thinks of loads to display on your selling site … and what about old fashioned shops i.e

MR BUN THE BAKER, BERTIE BUTCHER, MILLIE THE MILLENER, JAKE’S HARWARE STORE, CORNER GROCERY STORE … you can make a scene of a typical street to make it interesting and appealing to the visitor.  Make some decorative little cards with the name of item and price (make sure you state ALL HAND PAINTED – NO TWO THE SAME – ORDERS TAKEN) AND YOUR NAME!

Have fun and be proud of your work.

More to come on Painting Pebbles … but now you are getting into it a little more expertise required, so don’t forget to come back soon. Barbara



Hi, more on Art and Craft Ideas – No 2                                                                  PAINTING PEBBLES – PAPER WEIGHTS.

Keeping it simple,  for people who have not tried any real attempt at painting, what about PAPERWEIGHTS! a useful item for many things. I use mine to keep my paper work together otherwise my cheeky cats will scuffle them up to make a nice comfy nest to snooze in.

Again you only need basic equipment as before (painting bugs) with any ideas you can get from Gardening Catalogues, Magazines etc … colours to match your home decor.

What about a nice sized pebble to put by your front door ‘Welcome to my Pad’ or Welome or Home Sweet Home – your House Name or Number. These would make nice gifts to give to friends or family members, loved much more becuase the art work was made by you.

Once you have a collection you could show them on a car boot sale, you might be able to beg a corner from a friend’s stall. they don’t cost much to make so you should make a profit to buy more paint and brushes for your next Art and Craft Ideas – more next time. Barbara