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Well, what a lovely day I had. Walking back from the supermarket and passing a rubbish bin, what did see discarded there, a small pile of black plant pots – 5 in total one inside the other…. Approx 12 inches tall and 9 inches wide … 30cm x 23cm

Wow, just what I need to re-pot my Aloe Vera and a Succulent plant becoming ‘pot bound’ plus some others that needed to be dealt with.

Needless to say I looked up into space and said thanks to the kind person who left them there for collection and promised I would make great use of them.

Gathering them up I made my way home pleased as ‘Punch’

BOXcomon blkiShopping abandoned on the kitchen floor, pots taken outside for a scrub and left to dry while sorted out a bag of compost sitting in the shed, just waiting for a new plant home.

BOX land blink shell

The plants were set into their new pots and possibly they were happy, but not me ‘oh dear no’, the pots looked very dreary, so without thinking, out came my paints and brushes
and equipment and without another wasted moment I started ‘off the cuff’ so to speak, no design, no planning just splish, splosh … splish, splash on with the paints and oh boy what a great time I had.

BOX land litun x 2With the pots having 4 sides to each, what a great bonanza, a different flower on each side to paint, wonderful, lucky me !

BOX land leo cat nap

Having finished, washed equipment and left all paint and pots to dry I went in for a well deserved cuppa and sarnie , reaching for my bread bin to make a sarnie I looked at it now with different eyes … plain white china, so now after enjoying my painting day I said to the bread bin your next for an update.
So, next morning out came my paints again and I set to work on my bread bin, but of course with more care this time and below you can see the result of my paintwork. I am now pursuing more china and things to paint Sorry I did not take a photo of before and after. Barbara


See you next time… Barbara/Montana

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