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Hi, more ideas on art and craft ideas – PAINTING PEBBLES


Apart from nice plump rounded pebbles for cottages – also look around for ‘odd shaped rocks’ –  square, oblong etc which would make a house a church, a farmhouse barn …

What are the houses like where you live. what are the houses like that you have seen on your travels and have photographed? Look in magazines for property ideas.

I have shown a few examples here, bet YOU can thinks of loads to display on your selling site … and what about old fashioned shops i.e

MR BUN THE BAKER, BERTIE BUTCHER, MILLIE THE MILLENER, JAKE’S HARWARE STORE, CORNER GROCERY STORE … you can make a scene of a typical street to make it interesting and appealing to the visitor.  Make some decorative little cards with the name of item and price (make sure you state ALL HAND PAINTED – NO TWO THE SAME – ORDERS TAKEN) AND YOUR NAME!

Have fun and be proud of your work.

More to come on Painting Pebbles … but now you are getting into it a little more expertise required, so don’t forget to come back soon. Barbara


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