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Now that you have had some fun and experience with Pebbles here are a

few more ideas – these prove to be the most popular and people see one

that looks just like their own cat.

You will need a bit more experience to paint the fur on animals and I suggest you buy a few special paint brushes and some tubes of acrylic paints i.e Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow.Yellow Ocre and Brown, with these you can mix a variety of colours. Paint brushes, a normal bristle brush approz 1 inch (2.5cm) for the first coverage and a slightly smaller one, then in an Art Shop ask for a good artist brush that will hold the paint well and goes to a fine point, also a special thin, fine one with a long bristle for the fur and details. the assitants I find are most helpful if you explain what you are doing. You will also need one for Varnish and a cleaner if not using water based varnish. Look afer your brushes and they will last well. These will get you started and as your excitement grows with painting these cats you can always extend your range.

Good luck with your painting, I hope you have enjoyed my blogs so far



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