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Craft Ideas .

The Joy of Flowers

Flowers can cheer up the saddest and lonliness of hearts – it’s such a simple thing to give flowers from the humblest bunch to the exotic, and they express every emotion from birth, marriage, sympathy and congratulations.

Thank goodness for the Florist shops in almost every area, they fulfill that very need – just remember the absolute thrill and joy of receiving a bouquet ‘out of the blue’.

How is it possible I wonder, that such a wonderful magnificent flower appears from the soil in all its glory. When was the last time you really, really looked at a flower – inside, underneath, the shape/colour of the petals, the stamen, the stem and leaves and see the exquisite make up of such a small thing? … so next time you look at a flower examine it and marvel at the sheer beauty of it .

Carrying on from the above, a few years ago my lovely Mother died – I really wanted to do the last thing I could – make the wreath myself – so I bought two booklets, read them through, went to the flower market with my partner Douglas and bought flowers and equipment required and ‘just got stuck in’. As you can see from the photos of the time, (sorry about the quality) but  I only had an old Polaroid Camera then and trying to scan them in now, then make them presentable – not too good I know, anyway I made a 6ft cross using over 100 white carnations down the centre with other flowers to fill the edges and the display, some of the Family asked me to make their’s as well, also some are from Douglas’s sister’s  funeral as well, so as you can see it can be done ….. and I am proud to have this for my darling Mother!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And following is a poem I wrote upon my dear Mother’s death   and had it published in a book of poems – this is for her, Elizabeth Annie 

I Remember

I Remember – softness

The softness of her skin.

The softness of her kiss,

like the flutter of a butterfly’s wing.

And when I couldn’t sleep at night,

the softness of the songs she used to sing.


I Remember – gentleness.

Her gentle touch to make things right.

Her gentle smile so sweet and light.

Her gentle hands to guide the way

To teach me how to work and play.

So soft, so gentle and so kind

She was forever in my mind.


I Remember – loving

That look of love within her eyes,

always there until she died.

So mother, till we meet again,

where I know there is no pain

and I can feel that soft, soft kiss,

Rest in peace so well deserved – Mother

Copyright © 1997 Barbara


I was vising a friend who was at that time having her kitchen remodelled and the workmen were just removing the cupboard doors  ready to go into the rubbish bin. They were good wooden cupboard doors and I just could’nt see them go to waste so I asked if I could have 3/4 of them “Sure, but what on earth are you going to do with them” asked my friend “I’ll think of something” I said  – and here is the result – FIRESCREENS – I decided to turn them upside down and leave the handle on for ease of lifting aside, on another one the handle was removed and screwed  onto the back and the holes filled in,  a few bits and pieces made the stands –  and  flower designs painted on with my acrylic paints  to finish them all off, and there we are – second time around and help with the environment!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I tried my hand a panting Silouettes as you can see – and when finished set them into black frames that set off the paintings – keeping the colour combination. They were placed onto a white painted wall.

It is quite easy to do, you just need black water colour paint or acrylic paint and a medium brush to fill in the larger areas then a small fine brush for the detail.Any picture can be used after making it  black like a stencil or a photo of one of the family could be used changed to silouette

Also you could make a special features of an engagement , wedding picture or something special to you.



Below are some of the Sand Art Sculptures I have  had the good fortune to see when walking along the beach fronts in parts of Spain – so much work and artistry, only to be distroyed by the first rain or wind – so clever and not much thought given to the person who created such wonderful items and such detail.


If you want to see the most exceptional and amazing Sand Sculpture then simply log-on to this wonderful and amazing site I found on the internet by Liana Yahav at  http://sandfantasy.com… you will be blown-away by this art craft.